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Engineering Design Process

What is the engineering design process?

Our students rely on their natural curiosity to question, explore and communicate. 

The engineering design process is a series of steps that guides engineering teams as they solve problems.


Using the engineering design process our students  engage their natural curiosity in a way their is strategic and cyclical

We teach out students that the design process can be repeated as many times as needed to make improvements along the way.


Increasing students ability to learn from failure, while generating multiple solutions and defining their interconnectedness to scientific disciplines. 


Two key themes of the engineering design process are teamwork and design. Encouraging students to follow the steps of the design process to strengthen their understanding of open-ended design and emphasize creativity and practicality.

How do you use the engineering design process?

ASK: What is the problem? How have others approached it? What are your constraints?


IMAGINE: What are some solutions? Brainstorm ideas. Choose the best one.


PLAN: Draw a diagram. Make lists of materials you will need.


CREATE: Follow your plan and create something. Test it out!


IMPROVE: What works? What doesn't? What could work better? Modify your design to make it better. Test it out!